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Factory Tour

Dark Horse

Adheres to a high-tech, high-efficiency manufacturing model, shaping an innovative production system to meet customer demands. The company has introduced a plenty of advanced manufacturing equipment, establishing a streamlined and effective international top-tier production line. Through our cutting-edge production processes and efficient teams, we deliver electronic cigarette products of high reliability and superior quality to our clients.


The spirit of Craftsmanship

  • 25 PRODUCTION LINESqcj25 Production Lines
    The company has established a total of 25 standard production lines, including 9 lines in the cleanroom and 4 lines in the packaging area.
  • 680+ FRONTLINE WORKERSk7w680+ Frontline Workers
    The factory's production workshops can accommodate over 680 frontline production workers, allowing for flexible capacity allocation.
  • 1,800㎡ WAREHOUSE10t1,800㎡ Warehouse
    The warehouse is a standalone building separate from the production area, equipped with an independent explosion-proof battery storage to prevent accidents like fires.
  • 200,000 PCS+ DAILY CAPACITYqf8200,000 pcs+ Daily Capacity
    Operating at full capacity, the company can produce over 200,000 electronic cigarettes per day, meeting the needs of most customers.